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A new world of snacking

Where natural Himalayan goodness entwines with magical,
exotic and authentic flavours.

Our launch range of delicious, organic plain and flavoured
Pine Nuts are now available in the UK.

& Vanılla





The KOYO Story begins 10,000 feet above sea level,
in the treacherous Himalayan Mountain range.

Known locally as the Chilgoza, the finest and creamiest pine nut
species in the world, has been a well-kept secret of the region
for centuries, until now.

We provide a safe and secure environment where local girls gain access to education materials.

By equipping girls and young women with the ability to read and write, they are better placed to deal with the challenges of the changing world.

Our programme is in early stages to enable them to develop better life skills, empowering individuals and enabling them to make conscious decisions in reference to their future.

The Makhor Goat is a majestic creature, living on the dangerous slopes of the Himalayan mountain range.

The males species is famed for it’s twisting horns and the animal is crucial for protecting the ecosystem of the area. Unfortunately, the Makhor is an endangered species and a target for trophy hunters.

Rockfort has partnered with support groups to educate local people about the Makhor goat, protect against hunting and promote conservation projects.

Life in the Himalayas

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